The evolution of 十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台希区柯克医疗中心和十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台希区柯克诊所 was comprised of many different ideas and collaborations coming together for a common purpose.


内森·史密斯(1762年9月30日- 1829年1月26日)医生、作家和十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台学院的创始人

最初叫做十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台医学院, 十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台的医学院是由内森·史密斯创立的. It was the fourth medical school in the United States (preceded by schools at the University of Pennsylvania in 1765, 1767年的哥伦比亚, 1783年在哈佛大学毕业). Noting the dearth of medical professionals in the rural 连接icut River Upper Valley area, Smith petitioned the Board of Trustees of 十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台学院 in August 1796 to fund the establishment of a medical school to train more physicians for the region. 董事会批准了他的请求,史密斯于1797年11月22日开始讲课.


Dr. 卡尔顿P. 霜, 十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台医学院院长, 领导新成立的十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台医院协会, 在汉诺威北端买了一小块地. 他联系了他的朋友, 生意兴隆的旅馆老板, 海勒姆希区柯克, 谁赞成在这个地区建一所小医院, a facility that would not only serve the sick but would also provide a place for the training of doctors and nurses.



先生的死. 希区柯克的妻子在1887年促使希区柯克和博士. 卡尔顿P. 弗罗斯特试图推进他们建造一所小医院的计划. 这家新医院是在汉诺威建造的. 希区柯克并以此作为纪念 玛丽·梅纳德·希区柯克. The hospital continued to grow, and added several large additions between 1913 and the 1980s. 其他机构也加入了这个建筑群, 包括学院医务室, 希区柯克诊所的医师团体执业, 还有一所护理学校.


The Doctor of Medicine degree ended with the class of 1914 and for several decades thereafter, students attended DMS for two years before transferring to other schools where they received their formal medical degrees.



The Hitchcock Clinic was one of the first organized group practices in the United States, 当然是新英格兰最早的一个. Medical practice in the 1920’s (and for decades to follow) was largely a private-practice or “solo” model. 1927年6月,正是在这样的背景下. 约翰玩滚球的人, 在汉诺威大街上行医的外科医生, proposed the idea of a multi-specialty group practice to four other Hanover physicians: Percy Bartlet, 哈罗德Des-Brisay, 哈利法, 和约翰·吉尔. 在一起, they formed a partnership and petitioned the Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital (MHMH) Board of Trustees for exclusive rights to practice within the hospital. 四人中有三人在罗切斯特的梅奥诊所接受过培训, MN, 所以在很多方面,希区柯克诊所的模式都是基于梅奥诊所的模式. 该计划于1927年由MHMH董事会批准,从那时起, 希区柯克诊所的成员, 实际上, 在医院内的独家执业权.


最初,希区柯克诊所的集体执业采取了合伙的法律形式. 在小组实践中, innovations were adopted without which the long-term success of the rural enterprise would have been compromised. In 1946, the original Hitchcock Clinic partnership was dissolved and the Clinic was incorporated under New Hampshire law as the Hitchcock Clinic, 公司.

1947 – 玛丽安·盖拉德·福克纳 donates $1 million to support a major expansion of Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital

The hospital and clinic as it existed in the 1990's prior to the move to the new campus in Lebanon

尽管多年来医院进行了多次扩建, 最重要的新增成员来自伍德斯托克一位女士的慷慨馈赠, 玛丽安·盖拉德·福克纳. 她的捐款支持了医院的大规模扩建, 当时位于汉诺威的梅纳德街, 叫做福克纳故居. 1970年左右,医院将福克纳之家的高度增加了一倍,增加了四层楼. 到那时为止, 垂直发展似乎是扩张的唯一途径, as six new medical school buildings over the next 10 years would close off the east for possible expansion.


The resumption of a full 4-year doctor of medicine degree resulted in part from the close alliance of the medical school with Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital and the Hitchcock Clinic, and their shared commitment to becoming an academic medical center through the formation of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC).


In 1983, 诊所领导投票决定放弃其正式的营利性公司结构, 去掉“公司”.” from its name and becoming legally what it has always been in fact—a non-profit organization. 此时此刻, 人们认识到,如果没有一家财力雄厚的医院, 诊所无法吸引和留住高素质的医师成员. 没有强大的医务人员,MHMH就无法在财务上生存.


到20世纪80年代初, it had become increasingly clear that the physical plant of the medical center was inadequate, 尤其是医院和诊所,当然也包括医学院. 当时作出的决定为发展一个学术医疗中心奠定了基础.

最初的计划是扩展到杜威机场, 在医学院北边, 但我担心交通堵塞和停车问题, 但被汉诺威城拒绝了. 十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台学院, 有向北扩张的长期计划吗, 向DHMC提供了120号公路上吉尔公路的大部分土地. 占地13英亩的建筑工地周围环绕着约200英亩的林地.

“黎巴嫩方案”得到商定,并于1985年开始规划. 1988年开始建设,1991年完工. 新DHMC的规划和设计从一开始就是独一无二的. Corridors were wide and skylights were abundant to allow natural light to enter wherever possible. 1991年10月5日,从汉诺威地点迁往黎巴嫩地点.

观看这段视频,了解新医疗中心的落成概况, 包括医疗中心建设的延时照片.

1999 -共享决策中心

共享决策中心成立于1999年,是美国第一个共享决策中心.S. 致力于鼓励医生和病人一起做决定. The provision of patient decision aids and support preparing around appointments services are now being provided by the 病人支援队.


In 2009, the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Boards of Trustees approved the formation of an integrated health system designed to efficiently coordinate resources, expand access to the specialized services and research available at New Hampshire’s only academic medical center, and enhance the value and quality of care in communities throughout New Hampshire and eastern Vermont. 卫生系统是通过创建“母公司”而形成的, 十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台-希区柯克健康(D-HH), 最初有两个提供者成员, 玛丽·希区柯克纪念医院和十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台-希区柯克诊所, 包括在康科德的社区医生团体实践, 基恩, 曼彻斯特和纳舒厄.


在此期间, clinic leadership promoted the development and growth of clinic group practices in Concord, 曼彻斯特, 纳舒厄和基恩. 外展项目和医疗服务不足地区的项目继续进行. 另外, 通过创建希区柯克联盟, the Hospital created partnerships with other hospitals and provider organizations in the region to coordinate planning for the health needs of our region.

在此期间, 诊所改名为十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台-希区柯克诊所, 反映了与学院日益增长的合作关系. 十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台-希区柯克诊所和MHMH随后整合了他们的治理, 财务及营运, 同时保持独立的企业身份, 有利于临床企业和医学院的发展.


To continue to thrive required a further change in the legal structure of the clinic and hospital to create greater efficiencies and to reflect the deep roots of collaboration and integration between the hospital and the clinic. It is in this context that the corporate bylaws of the clinic and hospital were amended in 2013 to create mirror bylaws for each entity, 包括镜像董事会. While Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic and MHMH continued to maintain separate corporate identities, 自2013年以来,它们以一种更加一体化的方式运作.

自2013年以来,5家新的供应商附属机构加入了D-HH系统:新伦敦医院,Mt. 阿斯卡尼医院和健康中心, 柴郡医疗中心, 爱丽丝·派克纪念医院, 以及佛蒙特州和新罕布什尔州的探访护士和临终关怀医院.

The new system generates nearly $2 billion in revenues and is the largest private employer in the state of New Hampshire. 作为新罕布什尔州唯一的学术医疗系统和唯一的一级创伤中心, the D-HH system is the largest provider of health care in the state and the second largest in Vermont. 24 Dartmouth-Hitchcock clinics provide ambulatory services across New Hampshire and Vermont. 我们为曼彻斯特30%以上的人口提供服务, 纳舒厄25%的人口和康科德20%的人口. 我们关心佛蒙特州40%的公民.


2022年,十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台-希区柯克健康中心更名为十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台健康中心. The new name reflects the significant growth and interdependence of our health system and sets the stage for our future. Our new brand is part of our strategic plan to increase awareness of the 十大正规博彩网站评级正规博彩平台卫生 academic health system and to reaffirm our position as the healthcare provider and employer of choice in our region, 我们承诺为我们的社区提供世界一流的医疗服务.